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how do traffic fines work

How Do Traffic Fines Work in South Africa

South Africa is a country where paying a traffic fines is not an option but a necessity. No matter if a motorist speeds past the speed limit on a highway or runs at 100km per hour through the suburbs, they will know they are violating the law and must pay the penalty. There are many other traffic offenses that can lead to serious consequences, including speeding while under the influence or skipping a stop sign at high speed.

South Africa has one of the most severe road traffic injury statistics in the globe. Motorists need to understand that these traffic violations can cause serious injury and even death and are crimes that should be punished.

Traffic fines: How they work

Electronic backups are available for records of traffic fines and summonses served by traffic authorities. The following is the procedure for a road traffic violation:

Step 1 – Infringement Notice

Traffic offenses are considered a serious violation of law and can result in a severe sentence such as imprisonment or a large monetary fine or both.

Minor and major violations are dealt with according to the AARTO Act’s administrative procedures. Traffic officers will issue Infringement Notifications to anyone who is accused of infringing.

Traffic offices hand out handwritten infringement notices. These will eventually be replaced with electronic devices. Camera infringement notices are sent electronically by eNatis. If the fine amount is paid within 32 days, a 50% discount will be attached.

Step 2 – Courtesy letter

If the fine is not paid within 32 days of the issue of the infringement notice, a courtesy letter will be mailed. The full amount plus any administration fees must be paid at this point. An Enforcement Order will be issued if you fail to follow the Courtesy Letter’s requirements.

Step 3 – Enforcement Order

An Enforcement Order will be sent to an offender who fails to comply with the Courtesy Letter, or fails to appear in court after he has elected to appear in court. This is when demerit points are automatically assigned.

Failure to comply within 32 days with the Enforcement Order will result in a Warrant being issued for the recovery of any applicable penalties and fees.

The Enforcement Order must be complied with.

How to get an Advanced Drivers Licence

Step 4 – Execution Warrant

A Warrant will be issued to a Sheriff for execution if the Enforcement Order isn’t complied with in 32 days. This could include taking your movable property and discs of your driving licence or disc, as well as reporting you to a credit bureau.

You have many options to pay your traffic fines in the City. Avoiding legal action is the best way to pay your traffic fines on time. You can pay fines in several stages. However, it is more difficult to do so the further you go.

Dispute your traffic fines

You can make an inquiry or dispute traffic fines. You can only contest a fine after the due date. Follow the City Connect link to find out more.

Where are my traffic fines used?

All income from traffic fines and impounding goes into the City’s combined income pot, along with any other income such as income from property taxes. This income is used to pay City-related costs. The income was used to pay 60 additional traffic officers in 2015.

To verify whether you have outstanding traffic fines, please visit View My Fines to find out. You may be eligible for a reduction.

For more information on how to query your fine, pay your traffic fines, going to court, and more fine-related topics, visit

Disclaimer: This information can only be used for entertainment or educational purposes. This information should not be considered advice, financial or legal. This information is provided without warranty as to its accuracy, reliability, or completeness.


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