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View My Fines specializes in the reduction and reconciliation of traffic fines in the Greater Cape Town area. Everyday thousands of South Africans are subject to traffic violations, which increases the cost of living. We know how devastating this can be for your finances so we are here to help. Do not wait until your budget is exhausted or until a judgement is issued against you to pay traffic fines! Private individuals can use our traffic fine assessment and online payments services, as well as corporate businesses, staff members, fleet managers and courier companies, to make sure they are paying their dues.

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View My Fines makes it easy to manage and deal with traffic fines. We are experts in managing individual portfolios as well as large fleets. We monitor your traffic fines and deal with them efficiently, legally, and quickly to help you avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Even better, many of our services can save you money and not incur additional costs. Traffic fines against your name are no longer something you can ignore. Waiting for a summons can result in you being issued a criminal record if you don’t pay the fine.

You will receive a summons if you fail to comply with it. In some cases, a warrant for arrest will be issued against you. This will result in your license being denied. We deal with traffic fines for private individuals and companies. Our office is located in Johannesburg.

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