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How Do Parking Ticket Payments Work in Cape Town view my fines

How Do Parking Ticket Payments Work in Cape Town?

In Cape Town, paying for parking in the Central Business District (CBD) and other regulated areas is a straightforward process, but it’s essential for motorists to understand the steps to avoid penalties. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, knowing how to efficiently handle parking payments can save time and prevent unnecessary fines.

Street Parking: Paying the Marshal

The most common scenario involves paying a parking marshal directly. These marshals, identifiable by their uniforms, are stationed at various points throughout the CBD. Upon parking your vehicle, you should:

  1. Locate the Nearest Marshal: Look for a marshal near your parking spot. They are usually within sight or a short walk away.
  2. Make the Payment: Pay the required fee to the marshal. Fees vary depending on the location and duration of parking.
  3. Receive a Receipt: The marshal will provide a receipt or a ticket to display on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Absent Marshals and Payment Notices

If a marshal is not immediately visible:

  1. Wait or Search Briefly: If time permits, wait a few minutes as marshals might be covering nearby areas.
  2. Check for a Payment-Due Notice: If you return to your vehicle and find a notice on your windshield, it indicates that you need to pay for parking.
  3. Find a Marshal Before Leaving: Before driving away, locate a marshal and settle the payment to avoid penalties.

Electronic and Mobile Payments

In some areas of Cape Town, electronic or mobile payment options are available. These methods can include:

  1. Parking Apps: Download and use a parking app designated for Cape Town. These apps allow you to pay for parking digitally and often provide additional features like reminders and location services.
  2. SMS Payments: Some areas may offer payment via SMS. Follow the instructions on nearby signage for the correct procedure.

Dealing with Parking Fines

If you receive a parking fine:

  1. Check the Fine Details: Ensure the fine is legitimate and check the due date for payment.
  2. Pay Online or In-Person: Fines can usually be paid online through the City of Cape Town’s website or at designated municipal offices.
  3. Dispute if Necessary: If you believe the fine was issued in error, follow the dispute process outlined by the City of Cape Town.

Importance of Timely Payments

Prompt payment of parking fees and fines is crucial. Delayed payments can result in additional charges or legal complications. Regularly paying for parking also supports the local economy and the marshals who rely on this income.


Paying for parking in Cape Town, whether directly to a marshal or through electronic means, is a simple yet vital part of driving in the city. By understanding and adhering to these payment methods, motorists can ensure a hassle-free experience while contributing to the orderly management of the city’s parking resources.


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