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Why View My Fines?

View My Fines provides a service which will assist in providing motorists access to view and verify their outstanding fines. All fines must be paid to the traffic authorities in order to make sure that you are not arrested or your vehicle is impounded.

Will My Fine Be Reduced?

The City of Cape Town Traffic Department assists motorists who have outstanding fines to apply for a reduction. This process may be confusing to the laymen, we will assist to provide a method to have your fines reduced if it is possible. Every traffic fine reduction is based on a case by case scenario. Once we review the application and determine whether a reduction is possible, a quote will be provided.

What does offer?

View My Fines is a portal to verifying and paying for your reduced outstanding fines. There are many sites which provides motorists with the option to settle outstanding fines but not many who will be able to assist to reduce fines. 

Reducing fines is not a guaranteed exercise as the relevant authorities will need to assess whether you are eligible for a reduction.

We realize that not all motorists can adequately articulate or document their reasons for a reduction. This is where View My Fines will be able to assist.

Information about our View My Fines

  • View My Fines – Verify and check outstanding fines. A print out of all outstanding fines will be emailed to you once the form has been submitted.
  • Fines will be evaluated if a reduction is possible.
  • Not all fines are able to be reduced. However make sure to contact us once a fine has been issued to you. The sooner the better.
  • Once we receive an evaluation, an email will be sent to confirm that the motorist wants a reduction and quote will be sent.
  • Once accepted. EFT to the View My Fines account.
  • Only once payment is made, will a quote be processed for a fine reduction.

For further queries, please contact us.

Is there a guarantee that my fines will be reduced?

No. This is the simple answer. All reductions are done by the Traffic department representatives. We are not associated with the traffic department or any government entities whatsoever.

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